Lincoln ElderCare Resource Handbook

Driving Concerns

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver and Vehicle Records Division (DMV services online)
402-471-3861 (general)
402-471-3918 (handicapped plates/permits)
301 Centennial Mall South
PO Box 94789
Lincoln, NE 68509
Lancaster County Treasurer
(motor vehicle registration & driver’s licenses)
625 N. 46th Street
Lincoln, NE 68503
Lancaster County Treasurer
(motor vehicle registration & driver’s licenses)
500 W. ‘O’ Street
Lincoln, NE 68528

Handicapped License Plates
To obtain Handicapped License Plates in Nebraska, the individual must have a certified medical condition that limits personal mobility resulting in the applicant’s inability to travel more than two hundred feet without assistance.

Only the owner of the car or their legal guardian may apply for handicapped plates. Applications may be picked up at the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or downloaded at All forms must be submitted for approval with the medical portion filled out by your physician either in person at the DMV or by mail to the DMV address above. Once the application has been processed, an approval letter will be sent to the applicant. The approval letter must be presented to the County Treasurer in the applicant’s county of residence. All fees must be paid when the plates are picked up. A Handicapped Parking Permit may be requested along with the plates. The permit will be mailed along with the approval letter.

A Handicapped License Plate must be renewed every six years through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Handicapped Parking Permits
To obtain Handicapped Parking Permits in Nebraska, the individual must have a certified medical condition that limits personal mobility resulting in the applicant’s inability to travel more than two hundred feet without assistance. An individual may have up to two permits and there is no charge.

Only the handicapped individual or the motor vehicle to which the permit was specifically assigned can use the permit. The permit should hang on the rearview mirror only when the vehicle is parked. Permits may be permanent (blue) and valid for 6 years or temporary (red) and valid for 3 or 6 months. A Nebraska licensed medical professional may submit your permit request online at You may also pick up an application at the DMV or download one at The medical portion must be filled out by a physician and the application mailed along with a copy of your identification to the DMV address listed on the previous page. Once the application has been processed, the permit is mailed directly to the applicant.

Both permanent and temporary permits are renewed in the same manner as the original. Permits may be renewed up to 180 days in advance but will not be mailed until 10 days before expiration.

Reporting an Unsafe Driver
A thoroughly completed Citizen Reexamination Report must be sent in writing to the Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles at the mailing address on the previous page. It should identify the driver and describe any problems they may be having along with any other relevant information. Email requests cannot be accepted. The letter must be signed and dated and include a copy of the requestor’s driver’s license. This letter can be found at the examiner’s office or downloaded online at

The DMV will review this information as well as the individual’s driving record. The requestor may be contacted for more information. If sufficient cause is found, the driver in question will be required to complete a new written and driving test as well as submit a current vision and medical statement. If the driver’s license is canceled for vision or medical reasons, they may appeal through the DMV’s Medical Advisory Board. If it is canceled because of a failure to pass the written or drive test, they may attempt to retake those anytime.

Driving Assessments and Classes

AAA Nebraska
Drivers 65 Plus (self assessment brochure)
Roadwise Driver (online defensive driver)
Roadwise Review (online or CD-ROM self-evaluation tool)
The Older and Wiser Driver (brochure)
2900 ‘O’ Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
AARP Driver Safety
Driving Resource Center (interactive online driving resource)
Smart Driver Course (4-hour driving refresher course)
Madonna Driver Rehabilitation Services
(assessment, driver evaluation, vehicle modification, training)
5401 South Street
Lincoln, NE 68506
Nebraska Safety Council, Inc.
3243 Cornhusker Highway, Suite A10
Lincoln, NE 68504
Road-Ready Driver Training School
(driver improvement program or driving critique)
2900 ‘O’ Street, Suite L
Lincoln, NE 68510
Southeast Community College Continuing Education
(driver training)
301 S. 68th Street
Lincoln, NE 68510